Jun 19, 2012

Distance today = 51.14 km; Total distance = 8034.65 km; Location = Hermantown – 46 49.124′ N, 92 10.536′ W; Start time = 0853, Finish time = 1730


Thunder, lightning, torrential rain, mud, fog, and mosquitoes. That pretty much sums up the day.

I began on the dirt road I finished on yesterday, after a night of heavy rain. Dirt roads and heavy rain don’t mix well, and I was constantly dodging puddles. And when I stopped, the mosquitoes were unbelievable. Even with repellent on, they were still having a go. After 23 km of this, I finally reached a paved road, which seemed to deter the mossies.

Then the rain really started. There was lightning cracking all around me, and deafening thunderclaps. The rain was so heavy at times, it was like running through a shallow swimming pool. And then the fog rolled in. Apparently it’s common for these fogs from Lake Superior to head inland.

But I survived, and with a good 51 km under my belt. The big milestone today was passing the 8,000 km mark. Only 21,000 km to go. Mmmmmm, maybe I shouldn’t think of it that way!