Jun 23, 2012

Distance today = 50.46 km; Total distance = 8221.48 km; Location = Hinckley (11 km south of) – 45 55.380′ N, 92 57.444′ W; Start time = 0842, Finish time = 1719


Back to the world of the internet today. I have added the relevant Garmin link to yesterday’s blog entry. As promised, I will include two days in one.

The highlight of yesterday’s run was the Munger Trail, coupled with dealing with the floods. I had to detour around a flooded bridge in the town of Barnum, and then just down the road at Moose Lake, the road was again closed.

On this occasion, however, we met a very helpful police officer, Eric, who directed me back on to the trail – too easy, and I was soon on my way again. Carmel, however, had to do a major detour in the car – it was lucky Eric helped her with this, as it would have been a bit of a nightmare otherwise. These detours for the car meant Carmel was unable to take as many photos as normal, as she was often separated from the trail for long periods.

I finally made it in to Willow River, where we stayed at the Squirrel Cage Motel. As mentioned, there was no internet, but at least there was good mobile phone coverage.

Today I set off again on the Munger Trail. It was one of those days again – I just didn’t have much energy and constantly felt like stopping. My feet were aching too. But I kept on pushing and logged my standard 50 km. There were no major flooding issues to deal with today, so I think I’m passed the worst of it now.

I stated a few days ago that the Munger Trail stretched all the way to Minneapolis. This appears not to be so, and I have now completed the extent of the trail. It was nice, all the same, to have run nearly 150 km on this well sealed pathway. I should be in the twin cities of Minneapolis-St Paul in a few days.