Jun 25, 2012

Distance today = 50.23 km; Total distance = 8322.59 km; Location = White Bear Lake – 45 05.439′ N, 93 00.379′ W; Start time = 0904, Finish time = 1741


Not a great day overall. I am having shoe problems. Right from the start of the day I could feel trouble. I am wearing brand new shoes for the first time since March (more recently I’ve been alternating old pairs that I’ve worn over the past year or so). This is often a difficult time, as the wear pattern suddenly changes.

The new shoes aren’t worn on the outside, so I tend to pronate more than I have been. This has caused the inside of my right ankle to become sore again (same issue from several weeks ago). I tried orthotics this morning, but that didn’t work. I even ran without an inner sole for a short while. I finally used toilet paper, folded into an appropriate shape, to build up the inner side of my right shoe. I also took out the laces from both shoes, as these are totally superfluous. Things improved, so hopefully I’m on to a solution.

The problem with the right ankle started when I accidentally trod on a rock and rolled my ankle inwards (the opposite to a normal ankle roll). I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it slowly began to give me trouble. I have treated it over the past few weeks and the problem had virtually disappeared, until now. One option is to go back to the worn shoes, but that’s not a sustainable solution.

Anyhow, I got through the day – a beautiful day weather-wise – with another 50 km. I’m now on the outskirts of Minneapolis-St Paul. And we’re staying in a great hotel tonight, at White Bear Lake – a really nice location.