Jun 26, 2012

Distance today = 50.04 km; Total distance = 8372.63 km; Location = St Paul – 44 55.198′ N, 93 10.451′ W; Start time = 0938, Finish time = 1758



Just a quick report tonight, as we are heading to dinner soon with some wonderful people we met in New Mexico, Sherla and Dave, who invited us to stay with them when we passed through St Paul. We are, naturally, very appreciative of their hospitality.

Today was much better than yesterday. The ankle was fine, other than a period in the middle of the day after I had to run on some uneven surfaces. The shoes were much more comfortable, and I think I’ve now adjusted to them.

I ran into the centre of Minneapolis, where I needed to visit the Apple Store. That worked out successfully, but I was annoyed my Garmin watch started giving me the finger (i.e. indicating the battery was getting low) much earlier than ever before. Perhaps the battery is deteriorating over time? There is no way to replace it either, other than to get a new watch.  Anyhow, there are two Garmin links today, as the battery did give out before I was finished for the day.

I crossed the Mississippi twice today – it’s a pretty majestic river. I’ll be seeing much more of it in days and weeks to come. I also passed 4,000 miles run in the US, and I did a radio interview with station WCCO this morning, so it was a busy day all round.