Jun 30, 2012

Distance today = 50.21 km; Total distance = 8575.01 km; Location = Homer – 44 01.160′ N, 91 32.438′ W; Start time = 0830 Finish time = 1640


If every hot and humid day was as good as today, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining. I felt pretty good, even though I was sweating like the “proverbial” (Watto, help me here!) all day long.

I did have the Mississippi to keep me company, and that makes the day easier. I was also joined by Tesla from the local Winona newspaper (and Joe the photographer), who ran a few kilometres while she interviewed me. Things like this help break up the day. Similarly, Mike from the Wabasha newspaper helped break yesterday up nicely.

So I’ve now completed half a year of my trip as of today. If I manage a similar second half to 2012, I’ll cover around 17,000 km for the calendar year; way more than my previous annual best.

I finished in the village of Homer – and celebrated with donuts and Duff beer!!!!!