Jun 4, 2012

Distance today = 51.97 km; Total distance = 7269.47 km; Location = Clark  – 44 52.679′ N, 97 44.436′ W; Start time = 0821, Finish time = 1624


It was another hot one, and even now, at 5:15 pm, it’s over 30C. Remember too, whatever the official temperature is in the shade, I’m experiencing it quite a bit hotter on the road in the direct sunshine.

I think it got to me, as my legs had nothing by the end of the day. The busy road with no shoulder (yes, I was back on one of these today) did nothing to improve the day. The forecast is for the next week to be above 30C, and tomorrow will be on the same road as today, so I’d better steel myself for another tough day.