Jun 18, 2021

Today’s world run blog posts see me in northern Minnesota, often on great trails or dirt tracks (as per the video). It also describes the occasion of passing through the birthplace of Judy Garland. There is also a photo of me beside Cass Lake with a red wine in hand, talking to my friend, Michael, in Melbourne. Michael was later to accompany us across the Nullarbor (earning the nickname, Ironbark, for his ability to forage for firewood), and as my support crew for a week – the only time Carmel wasn’t on the journey.

Ran another 73 sec 400 metres this morning. It’s getting a bit monotonous. And I forgot to mention in the last post, on Sunday I reached 14,000 days since I started logging my running on Feb 14, 1983. I have run more than 167,700 km since since, averaging 11.98 km per day.


Jun 15, 2012


Distance today = 46.93 km; Total distance = 7832.40 km; Location = Cass Lake (12 km east of) – 47 22.265′ N, 94 26.927′ W; Start time = 0842, Finish time = 1632


Forget about the difference between two days – today was a case of the difference between the morning and afternoon.

After yesterday’s positive day, this morning I felt decidedly tired, despite the scenery being just as spectacular. It wasn’t that I was sore or in pain – I was simply lacking in energy. So I struggled through the morning to the town of Cass Lake where we had lunch. My salmon and avocado sandwich may have done the trick, as I felt much better afterwards. I’m talking chalk and cheese here folks!!!

The running and cycling trails around these parts are as good as anywhere I’ve seen in the world. Not only is the scenery so stunning, but the surface of the trail is perfect – worthy of the best road. Cyclists must especially love it.

I finished up with a slightly shorter day than normal, which was as planned. At Cass Lake, I also reached the most northerly point I will run to in the US – 47° 23’ N. It will be the most northerly point until Europe next year. I have decided not to continue up to Canada, as I want to be in Chicago in just over four weeks.

One highlight this morning was a tiny tortoise I saw on the trail. It was only the size of a bottle top. I’m guessing it was not more than a few days old. I don’t know where its mother was? Maybe, like sea turtles, they fend for themselves once they hatch?


Jun 16, 2012


Distance today = 50.73 km; Total distance = 7883.14 km; Location = Deer River – 47 20.170′ N, 93 47.947′ W; Start time = 0858, Finish time = 1651


I had a good run today, despite being drenched by a thunderstorm around lunch time. Carmel had to come to the rescue of my phone, to ensure it didn’t get soaked.

I saw two strange birds on the side of the road today. They were a sort of cross between an emu and a stork, and made strange noises. I’m still unsure what they were.

I also crossed the Mississippi River today, although it was a long way upstream and not very wide. I will see it again several times in the weeks to come. It doesn’t seem very long ago that I crossed the Missouri River.


Jun 17, 2012


Distance today = 50.29 km; Total distance = 7933.43 km; Location = Swan River (5 km west of) – 47 06.990′ N, 93 14.809′ W; Start time = 0845, Finish time = 1650


As the height of summer approaches, the heat isn’t the only issue I have to contend with. The humidity is really starting to pick up, and a sticky heat is always more uncomfortable than a dry heat.

But there’s another negative that’s starting to make itself known – BUGS. There are all manner of insects in these heavily forested parts of Minnesota – several types of dragonflies, butterflies, march flies that bite like a tetanus needle, and, of course, the dreaded mosquitoes. I am even being bitten as I run. I’m going to have to invest in some repellent.

I spent the day running on a road just north of the Mississippi River, which I could occasionally see. I also saw a beaver, which ran up a drainpipe when it saw me. And I thought it was only rats that frequented drainpipes.

Half way through the day I ran through the town of Grand Rapids. As I ran into town I spied the largest woodpile I’ve ever seen. It was enormous, and had sprinklers keeping it moist. I did a “back of the envelope” calculation, and I reckon there was between a quarter and a half a million tons of wood stacked neatly in one long pile. Then I saw the reason – a paper mill.

But paper hardly makes Grand Rapids famous. What does, however, is that this town of 10,000 people is the birthplace of Judy Garland. So, you’ve learned something new again!

My “milestone” of the day was that I passed the 6,000 km run in the US. I have several more milestones coming up in the next couple of weeks. Keep watching this space.


Jun 18, 2012


Distance today = 50.08 km; Total distance = 7983.51 km; Location = Floodwood (15 km east of) – 46 55.603′ N, 92 42.842′ W; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1657


Another solid 50 km day. I am finding it easier to stick to this distance than to vary the distances too much. The morning was cool and overcast, while the afternoon was sunny, hot, and humid.

After passing through the town of Floodwood, I started down a minor road – Highway 8 – which turned into gravel. I’m on it now, and there’s no way off for the next half day or so. It’s pretty good for a dirt road, though.

Today was another when I crossed both a parallel (47 deg N) and a meridian (93 deg W). I must be making progress.