June 25, 2013

Distance today = 52.26 km; Total distance = 22,102.67 km; Location = Norseman (26 km east of) – 32 05.109’ S, 122 01.056′ E; Start time = 0750, Finish time = 1607


And so begins the Nullarbor. At lunch time I reached the Eyre Highway in Norseman, which is widely considered as the beginning of the Nullarbor. At this stage, however, there are still plenty of trees, and hills.

The day was quite warm for winter, reaching 21C. But once again, the day did not reach any great heights. The highlight was a dry lake I crossed, just before Norseman. It is going to be an interesting psychological challenge, with little variation from day to day over the coming months.

However, the evenings may be a different matter. Last night, for example, was a case in point. At dinner, we met former Ol’ 55 front man and current day actor and TV presenter, Frankie J Holden, along with the TV crew he is travelling with. They’re filming an episode of What’s Up Down Under, travelling the Nullarbor in the opposite direction to my run. We had a good chat about my run, along with some nice red wine. It was definitely a change from the scenery of the day’s running.