Mar 15, 2015

I had a great run on Friday. After 3 km to the train station early in the morning, I caught the train down to Kiama, after which I ran another 45 km to Kangaroo Valley, via Gerringong, Gerroa, and Berry. It was a serious hill workout too, with nearly 1,000 metres of ascent involved. You can view the stats of the run on https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/719844721.

The next morning I knocked over another 14 km and felt really good, with no ill effects at all. The quads are a little sore today from all the downhill hill running toward the end of the day, but that’s totally normal.

Although a big run, it was barely more than a third of what I’ll be doing in the Anzac Ultra, which is less than four weeks away now. All the same, it was a great test of the Achilles and my legs in general, all of which came through with flying colours. I will do another long run this week, probably on Thursday.

If you missed the last blog post, you can view the Runner’s World online article about my world run on www.runnersworld.com/40millionsteps.

Kevin Carr is now in Ireland and had his first day of running there today, covering 85 km. I don’t think he finished till after midnight. He’s now running without his stroller, but is carrying a reduced load of gear in a backpack. Although the 5 kg is far lighter than what he was pushing in the stroller, it is still a decent weight to be carrying on one’s back. He now has a little under 2,000 km to run in the next 26 days if he is to break my world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot.


On This Day


Mar 15, 2012

Distance today = 29.52 km; Total distance = 3494.69 km; Location = Phoenix (West Cactus), Arizona – 33 36.175′ N, 112 07.126′ W; Start time = 0940, Finish time = 1426


I completed my run into Phoenix today, before starting the long journey out of the city toward the Grand Canyon. It’s a very big city, with a population almost as big as Sydney, and an area that is probably larger. As it turned out, I took a route into the city that wasn’t the most picturesque, but that’s OK – part of the reason for the world run is to experience the reality of the places I visit, not just the sanitised “touristy” places.

During the run I was met by a journalist from radio station KTAR, who interviewed me on the road. This afternoon I did a TV interview in the studios of Channel 12 in Phoenix.

Tonight we had a farewell dinner for Jenny, who will be leaving the support crew tomorrow. We hope to have her back later in the year.


Mar 15, 2013

Distance today = 48.32 km; Total distance = 17,973.82 km; Location = Le Filletiere, France – 46 40.133′ N, 04 41.048′ E; Start time = 0832, Finish time = 1635


I will keep today’s report relatively short, as we have our first visitors on the run since Chook and Don last October. Old friends, Steve and Judith, have dropped in to spend a night with us in Burgundy, on their way back from Geneva to London. More on this tomorrow.

Today was great. While it was still cold, the wind let up and I was quite comfortable. And, in addition, I spent the whole day on a bike path that used to be a rail line. It was a joy to be able to run freely, without constantly jumping off the road to avoid cars. France’s roads are on a par with some of the worst in the southern US states, in terms of no shoulders for pedestrians. Most of the time there is nothing. It was great to avoid this today.

I headed from the Saone Valley, over a ridge into Cluny, which I reached late in the morning. Cluny used to have the largest cathedral in the world, until Notre Dame was built in Paris, some 900 years ago.  Nowadays, there are only the foundations to see. I’m not sure what happened to it. The foundations still attract quite a few tourists, though.

The afternoon was spent on a quite flat and straight section heading north. After lunch at St Gengoux le National (a great name for a town), it was on to the end of the day at Le Filletiere, enjoying the bike path every step of the way.

PS The tracker shows me about 30 km north of my official position.

Carmel asked me to report that there will be no photos uploaded tonight. Her iphoto is repairing inconsistencies in its library! It could take hours to repair!