Mar 16, 2018

Each day now I can feel an improvement in my running. After many months of injury issues, it is so much more enjoyable to feel like a normal person again. Although both problem regions can feel a little fatigued by the end of a run, the overall improvement is amazing and I’m also running a lot more quickly on average than even a week ago. I may even contemplate a time trial next week, although I’ll see how I feel before embarking on that sort of challenge.

Here’s another photo that I’ve posted before, but the relevance of this one is that it was taken six years ago to the day in Phoenix, Arizona, during my run around the world. This is a live interview I did  for a local TV station. It was while I was out there in the chair that the girls had their photo taken in the ‘green room’ with US country and western musician, Joe Nicholls (a photo I posted a few weeks ago).