Mar 20, 2012

Distance today = 61.09 km; Total distance = 3761.86 km; Location = Williams – 35 15.077′ N, 112 11.045′ W; Start time = 0858, Finish time = 1752



Had a huge day, with 61.09 km of running, almost 1000 metres of ascent, and a new altitude record for the world run of 2,130 metres (7,100 feet). The high altitude, combined with running uphill for 60+ km, all takes it toll, and I'll sleep well tonight.

The highlight of the day was watching big clumps of snow, too heavy to cling to the branches of the trees any longer, continually falling and hitting the ground in an explosion of white powder.

I've been running on Route 66 for the past 30 km or so, and we're staying right on an authentic part of the road tonight. The town of Williams is a real classic. It sustains itself with Grand Canyon tourist traffic, which allows it to maintain the original Route 66 feel. If you're ever visiting the Grand Canyon, make sure you include a stop at Williams.

As has become usual when I have a long day, the GPS watch battery wasn't up to the task, and I stopped it at 53.5 km, just before it ran out. It doesn't seem to last as long in cold weather. I had my spare Garmin with me, and engaged it immediately. Therefore, you will find two Garmin links at the head of this blog.

You will also notice the new video at the top of the web site. This is the segment that appeared on Channel 12 in Phoenix last Thursday. I am wearing my official run T-shirt, featuring my great sponsors Next Digital.