Mar 20, 2019

I now feel no ill effects at all in my Achilles when I run. Even when I get up in the middle of the night I can’t feel it. That’s the real test. It shows in my speed too. On Monday my fastest kilometre was a 3:44, and today it was a 4:02. But don’t think I’m running at that sort of pace all the time. My average is probably about two minutes per km slower, but at least I can go faster when I give it a go.

Today I’ve posted numerous videos and photos from seven years ago. At the time I was running through central Arizona and encountered a fairly serious snow storm. It occurred on March 18, but the after effects were obvious on the 19th too. After that, the snow melted pretty quickly. There’s also an interesting photo Carmel took of Libby and me digging the support vehicle out of the snow before it could be driven by the girls.