Mar 22, 2017

I saw the movie Manchester-by-the-Sea today. It’s a very heavy film, but for me it had a different significance. It’s where I concluded my run across North America, having started in San Francisco many months earlier. I had run from Boston to Manchester that day, dipping my toe in the water to signify the end of the stage. The first harbour scene after the credits begin at the end of the movie shows exactly the spot where I dipped my toe in the water. It was quite nostalgic for me.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Mudgee for the Tour de Bois mini tour. Although I’ll be a bit light on the running for a few days, it will be compensated with cycling.

This photo is very topical, as it is five years to the day today since I reached the Grand Canyon on my run around the world. It was a surreal feeling knowing I’d run all the way there ….. well, at least from the Pacific Ocean.



On This Day


Mar 22, 2012

Distance today = 49.00 km; Total distance = 3859.54 km; Location = Grand Canyon Village, Arizona – 36 03.295′ N, 112 07.069′ W; Start time = 0819, Finish time = 1555


A classic day at the office, starting in brilliant sunshine, and ending in brilliant sunshine at the Grand Canyon.

Just a couple of kilometres into today’s run I caught up to a guy who was walking. Turns out that Jeremy, from the UK, is hiking the Arizona Trail, which is essentially a walking path from the Mexican border to Utah. He’s a very interesting guy, having done many ultra races and substantive hikes in the past. The recent snow has made the trails impassable, so he has had to do a few days on the roads. It was great to talk to someone along the way – something I haven’t done for some time now. If you click on the Garmin link at top of this blog and scroll down to the Pace chart, you’ll see where my speed dropped during the time I was walking and talking with Jeremy.

I bid Jeremy farewell and headed off toward the GC. Just before reaching it, I began videoing my approach, as I wanted viewers to experience the same vision that I did as the panorama of the Grand Canyon unfolded before me. The video should be up soon, so please have a look.

As for the Grand Canyon, I don’t want to wax lyrical about it, as I’m sure you’ve seen and heard it all before. I think Carmel’s photos will do it more justice than my words. Make sure you have a look.

I was wrong about having reached my maximum elevation – just before the Grand Canyon I maxed out at 2,134 metres. Will this be the limit prior to reaching the Colorado Rockies, or will I go higher tomorrow?

I finished the day at our accommodation, the Yavapai Lodge in Grand Canyon Village, with a very rounded 49.00 km. Tomorrow I’ll have a bit of a shorter day along the south rim of the canyon, so that I have time to enjoy some of the other local activities as well. After all, running around the world is about more than just running, and it would be silly to pass up great experiences just for the sake of a few extra kilometres.


Mar 22, 2013

Distance today = 40.21 km; Total distance = 18,313.27 km; Location = Weil am Rhein, Germany – 47 35.568′ N, 07 38.124′ E; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1519


It was a shorter day, due to our requirement to obtain new SIM cards for Germany. Yes, that means I made it to my 10th country of the run so far.

I started in a thick fog, which didn’t lift until late in the morning. It was also very cold, and I definitely needed gloves. Once the fog lifted, it was a nice sunny day, as I made my way to Basel.

Basel is a reasonably sized city in northern Switzerland, and it was my second sojourn into that country in two days. I crossed the Rhine River and then headed north to Germany. I actually ran in three different countries in less than ten kilometres.

Once in Germany, we stopped at the first major town, Weil am Rhein, and searched for new SIMs for our phones. This took about two hours, and I didn’t feel like continuing to run after that, so I called it a day.

It was a not a day for photos, as Carmel could not follow me through the heavy traffic of Basel and its surrounding suburbs. Tomorrow should be back to “business as usual”.