Mar 28, 2018

Last night I was browsing through my old running logs and checked out my most recent laps of Centennial Park, to compare them with my lap of 17:24 on Monday. The last one I did was in early October, just before Hannah’s wedding (and just before my pelvic issue flared again). I ran that one in 15:52.

Interestingly, earlier last year I ran a series of laps over a six week period, starting with a 17:26 and finishing with a 15:18. This sort of indicates I might be able to run something approaching 15 minutes within a couple of months. As a comparison to earlier days, I ran a 13:41 in 2015, just before I “ran my age” in the City to Surf, and my best ever lap of Centennial Park was 12:50, back in the 80s.

I know I’ve posted this photo before, but this time it’s because it was taken exactly six years ago to the day, during my run around the world. The geological formation in the background is in Monument Valley in Utah and is known as the Rabbit Ears.