Mar 29, 2013

Distance today = 52.82 km; Total distance = 18,669.29 km; Location = Ried – 48 17.371′ N, 11 02.606′ E; Start time = 0841, Finish time = 1734


No dramas today – just a nice run, mainly on cycle paths, and I even saw a bit of sun.

It was a quite a hilly day. Each town was in a valley, and there was a steep rise on its eastern side. There was also a lot of forest to run through. With the sun out during the morning, it was relatively warm in the open, but still quite cold in the shade created by the forests. The afternoon was flatter, and the sun disappeared as well.

It’s such a different day when I can run on the cycle paths, without worrying about cars.

Carmel is developing a lot of RSI in her wrist from all the downloading, culling, editing, & uploading of her photography. There are also numerous other computer related activities connected with the website, so we decided to have a photo-free day. She often has to cull up to 600 photos per day, which is causing a problem. Hopefully a rest will alleviate the problem somewhat.