Mar 3, 2017

As I thought might be the case, I was still fatigued from Monday’s long run – at least too fatigued to run a fast lap of Centennial Park. But it’s not until you actually have a crack at running fast for a sustained period that it’s noticeable. An everyday slow run doesn’t necessarily reveal the fatigue. Anyhow, I still did a lap of CP in 15:44 yesterday, but I could very much feel the tiredness in both my legs and body in general. That’s fine. It just means I need to concentrate even more on taking it easy before next week.

Speaking of the King Island 32 km next Sunday (Mar 12), the handicaps were published yesterday. I have been given a handicap of 35 minutes. That means some people will be starting as much as 35 minutes before me. However, there a a few starting quite a bit after me as well. It will be very interesting to compete in a race like this. I’ve never done so before. Perhaps the whole field will hit the finishing straight together. Stay tuned.

Here’s a photo with an interesting side light. This was taken in the small New Mexico town of Madrid, roughly half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It was a delightfully quirky little town. But there was more to it. The movie Wild Hogs, with John Travolta, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence, and Tim Allen, featured the town quite heavily. In fact, the building you can see me running past at the moment this photo was taken, is the restaurant/bar where the four guys ate while trying to act like tough bikies. If you haven’t seen the movie (and I hadn’t until I heard about the movie being filmed there) then you won’t have any idea what I’m talking about.



On This Day


Mar 3, 2012

Distance today = 68.87 km; Total distance = 2920.05 km; Location = Palm Springs, California – 33 48.400′ N, 116 32.761′ W; Start time = 0846, Finish time = 1846



It was a day of milestones. Not only was it the furthest I’ve run in a day on this round-the-world journey, it was also the furthest I’ve ever run as part of a multi-day run (eclipsing the 66 km from Lockart to Wagga Wagga on my Melbourne to Sydney run). It was also the latest finish I’ve had so far, concluding in the dark at 6:46 pm.

Ahhh, but there’s more! I also crossed two major meridians in one day – the 34 N latitude and the 117 W longitude. And I also reached my highest altitude in the US so far, with 806 metres above sea level (2,644 feet). I will go much higher in the weeks to come.

And, I also passed 1000 km in the US, but more importantly, I passed the 10% mark for the whole journey. I now only need to do it all another nine times.

At nearly 69 km, it was a long run, but was made all the harder by a strong headwind for most of the day. I also had a couple of bum steers, where the road I was on petered out into a dirt track. But that just makes the day more interesting.

And, as you’ll see in the photos, I was wearing red and green today. This was in honour of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, who will be starting their season this weekend with a match against the evil Roosters. Let’s all wish them luck.

The day after tomorrow I reach the real desert. We got a glimpse of what’s to come today, with stunning clear blue skies and an amazing, almost rainbow-like sunset projected on to the mountains. I think I’m going to like the desert, which is a good thing, as I’ll be running through it for the next couple of months.



Mar 3, 2013

Distance today = 51.63 km; Total distance = 17,368.16 km; Location = St Affrique, France – 43 57.325′ N, 02 51.491′ E; Start time = 0901, Finish time = 1713


I awoke this morning feeling a bit below par. Perhaps yesterday’s big day of climbing took some of the zip out of me? It made today somewhat more difficult than usual, and I’m feeling quite tired now.

While yesterday entailed more than a thousand metres of uphill, today involved a similar amount downhill. As I’ve said before, it’s the downhill that destroys your legs.

The course through the mountains was very pretty, and included the town of Belmont sur Rance, with it’s church built in 1515.

I finished at Domain du Vern, in the town of St Affrique. We stayed here in 2011, along with Jenny, Jo, and Dave. On that occasion, we very much enjoyed meeting the hosts, Laurence and Stephane, and we’re looking forward to dinner with them tonight.

We also experienced great hospitality last night in Lacaune, at Le Relais de Fusies, where Renaud, Veronique, and Petra made us feel at home. They even gave us various presents to leave with.