Mar 31, 2017

I’ve finally taken the plunge and officially registered for the Big Red Run in late June. It’s a 250 km six day stage race through the Simpson Desert, starting and finishing at Birdsville. I know the distance in total is nothing like my run around the world, but in many ways I consider it as big a challenge. This is a race, which is very different to the slow jogging I did on my world run.

This race starts with a marathon on each of the first three days. It’s touch enough racing one marathon, but when you have to back it up the next day and then the next, that’s a different thing again. On the fourth day it’s just 31 km, but that’s pretty much what I recently raced across King Island. Racing 31 km after already having raced three consecutive marathons is beyond my current experience.

And then there’s the big day – a double marathon of more than 84 km. I don’t know how I’m going to race that, especially given the fatigue of the previous four days. Thankfully, the final day is just a leisurely 8 km. All up though, it’s going to be a very difficult event.

Participants are actually not allowed to compete unless they raise at least $1000 for juvenile diabetes research. So I need to also raise $1000 for charity before the race. Please help me in this endeavour. Every little bit helps, even a few dollars. You can donate by going to https://bigredrun2017.everydayhero.com/au/tom-s-next-step#/?_k=ctwiil

Here’s a photo from a freeway in New Mexico during my run around the world. It’s a very arid state and much of my route through it was remote. At least the freeway provided for easy running, either in the middle of the road like this, or on the wide shoulders.



On This Day


Mar 31, 2012

Distance today = 50.39 km; Total distance = 4308.23 km; Location = Monticello, Utah (14 km east of) – 37 51.376′ N, 109 11.452′ W; Start time = 0824, Finish time = 1541


Another big day of hills, and I’m back up over 7,000 feet in altitude. There are several snow-capped mountains in the vicinity now. It was a warm day, although it’s predicted to be much colder tomorrow.

Not much else to report, except that I have finished March with 1,570 km run. My total for the three months so far is 4,308 km.

I still have no phone reception, so the tracker remains incapacitated. However, if you want to see where I am, and where I have been, then click on the Garmin link above – it will show you everything.

My official run position is now quite close to the Colorado border, and I will be crossing into that state tomorrow.


Mar 31, 2013

Distance today = 50.03 km; Total distance = 18,765.98 km; Location = Wolnzach, Germany – 48 35.946′ N, 11 37.803′ E; Start time = 0844, Finish time = 1648


I’ve never experienced a white Christmas, but within the space of five weeks, I’ve experienced a white birthday and a white Easter. Yes, on awakening today, we discovered it had, yet again, snowed heavily overnight.

It was still snowing when I set off, and at one stage, it looked like a blizzard was setting in. Visibility was down to about 200 metres. However, the conditions improved, the temperature got above zero, and the snow started to melt. The day wasn’t too bad in the end.

I headed north from Dachau, through rolling hills, much of it on cycle paths. I’m glad the Germans have so many cycle paths, as the roads can be a bit dangerous otherwise.

I saw a few other runners – probably more in a one day than I’ve seen since New York City, when hundreds were training for the upcoming marathon. A few went past me in the same direction as I was running. Compared to me, they were flying.

Let’s see whether tomorrow brings more snow. The locals are saying it’s the latest winter in living memory. Maybe so for most of them – I did hear that it has been officially London’s longest winter in over 50 years. I’ve really picked the extreme seasons for this world run. It was the hottest summer ever recorded in the US mid-west when I ran through that region last year, and now the longest winter in Europe for a generation or two. At least I can say I didn’t have it easy.