Mar 5, 2018

This morning I had my strongest run in quite a while. I only averaged six minutes per kilometre (quite slow compared to my historical average), but faster than I’ve run over a sustained distance for months, such has been the effect of my pelvic and Achilles issues.

I also reached 1,000 km for the year so far (in 64 days), which is not too bad. I’ve only ever passed 1,000 km before the start of March on four occasions, two of which, of course, were during my run around the world. So I guess I’m not doing too badly.

While not exactly from this same day five years ago, this photo was taken just a couple of days later, in southern France near the Rhone River in early March 2013. Dave and I had cycled this same road in 2011 during summer. When I ran it, however, the trees were looking very different, with no leaves and snow having been on the ground just days before.