May 10, 2016

Although I’m a little sore in the right shoulder and have a slight groin strain, I’ve come through my rugby game with flying colours. I even ran 23 km today. I didn’t think I’d be able to do that.

I don’t want people to think I’m about to take up the game long term. This is just a bit of fun which may last several weeks, or then again, might not last past next week. I’ll see how it goes. I’ll still be maintaining the bulk of my normal running routine, and will be back doing races and journey runs before you know it.

As readers know, I don’t normally endorse commercial products, and never accept money or other inducements to write positively about such products. However, I’m happy to trial products and, if I honestly believe they have some merit, I’ll mention this fact. But I never accept any financial or other rewards for doing so.

Many will also know that I’ve never been a big believer in or user of nutritional supplements (gels, goo, powders, bars etc). At best, I’ve found them to be neutral in terms of benefits and, in some cases, detrimental. But I like to keep an open mind and am always willing to give anything a fair hearing.

So, I recently trialled a new product from a company called SIS (Science in Sport). They have several types of supplements and wanted my opinion. It’s always difficult to be conclusive without rigorous scientific testing, so I have to rely on my simple anecdotal experience. Bear this in mind.

Anyhow, I felt there was enough circumstantial evidence from my testing of three of these SIS products to warrant that they be worth consideration by others. These products are the Whey 20 gel, GO Isotonic Energy gel, and GO Energy powder. They all seemed to benefit me when I used them. I try my best to ensure I’m not simply imagining the effect, so I’d like to hear back from any one else who does trial the products as to their impartial opinion – but no one with a vested interest please. You can read more about these products on


And just to remind you of a couple of other running related endeavours from recent posts – firstly, there’s a new book and a series of related endurance Spartan races. You can read more about these on


And don’t forget the opportunity to receive a free pair of Airia shoes for participating in their treadmill test aimed at proving the Airia shoes are more “heartbeat efficient”. You can read more about this on


Finally, here’s a photo showing me running in the Andes. There’s little snow on the peaks, so this must have been in the lower reaches of the mountain range. All the same, a beautiful place to run.


Andes 1


On This Day


May 10, 2013

Distance today = 50.20 km; Total distance = 20,718.51 km; Location = Harmanli, Bulgaria – 41 55.091′ N, 25 55.787′ E; Start time = 0849, Finish time = 1715


A bit hillier, a bit hotter, and a bit busier, made for a tougher day. I’m looking forward to a quieter road tomorrow, and probably from here to Istanbul.

Last night we experienced real Bulgarian cuisine, as well as some of the local liquor. The waiter brought us out a glass of Bulgarian schnapps that he’d made. It was smooth enough going down, but the after taste was that of duplicating fluid from the old Gestetner machines.  One glass was enough for the four of us.

Tonight we’re staying in a fantastic hotel on a river – the Prikazkite, which means “fairy tale” in Bulgarian. It looks like it could be right out of a fairy tale. I’m looking forward to a few beers with Barry in the garden by the river. If he has enough, he may even do his pixie dance. He is now up to 40 km in total, after his run with me this afternoon.