May 12, 2018

I mentioned last time that I was contemplating a time trial on Monday to test out my thigh strain. Not really the conventional wisdom, but it does feel better when I run faster, so I though I’d tempt fate. It’s certainly a risk, but one I’m willing to take. The worst than can happen is I might have a relapse and have to take it easy again for a while.

I’ll do 3 km, and the last time I ran that distance I did 12:12. That was about five weeks ago, so I can’t expect to be that fast (geez, it’s a bit embarrassing to describe 12:12 as fast, but it is for me at the moment). I reckon I’d have to be happy with anything faster than 12:30. Even a little slower won’t be a bad result. So stay tuned for Monday’s post.

This is a memorable photo. This is me starting the second day of my run around the world. The very first day was a short prologue from the Sydney Opera House to Bondi Beach on NYE, 2011. This photo was taken on New Year’s Day 2012 as I headed off from Queenstown, NZ. I still had more than 26,200 km in front of me at this stage.