May 13, 2013

Distance today = 48.24 km; Total distance = 20,870.46 km; Location = Yenibedir – 41 20.637′ N, 27 27.068′ E; Start time = 0913, Finish time = 1716


Today exhibited a contrast in weather conditions. It was hot and humid until early afternoon, but when a huge thunder and lightning storm hit, the temperature dropped to 13C, with me shivering in wet clothes.

The running was along the D100, a very good road for this sort of activity. It is getting busier, however, as I get closer to Istanbul. I passed through the towns of Babaeski and Luleburgaz, which were both much bigger than I expected, the latter having a population of well over 100,000.

A policeman stopped me during the storm to enquire why I was running in such unfavourable conditions. I just told him that I keep going, no matter what. He seemed to accept this.

Carmel, Debbie, and Barry had a lot of trouble again finding a hotel for the night. We weren’t expecting it to be like that. They were eventually successful, with a much better hotel than last night. In fact, last night’s accommodation was probably the worst we’ve had on the entire world run. The power went out twice, power cords weren’t long enough to reach sockets or they didn’t have plugs, the walls were cracking with pieces flaking off, the showers overflowed with murky water, and to top it off, there was a wedding reception that went to 4 am, with very loud music shaking the building until then. Luckily I can sleep through just about anything, but the others really suffered. They have been tired all day.

Due to the storm, there was some trouble finding me this afternoon, so Barry only ended up running 7 km. His total is now up to 71 km. Will he reach his century by Istanbul?