May 14, 2012

Distance today = 50.55 km; Total distance = 6191.06 km; Location = Pine Bluffs – 41 10.681′ N, 104 04.484′ W; Start time = 1000 Finish time = 1715


Back on the road today after a six day break, during which we flew back to Australia to satisfy visa requirements. It was a good interlude, enabling us all to catch up with family and friends, as well as to get a few things done at home. This included a surprise birthday dinner for the legendary Hud.

You’d think a break like this would be a positive thing in terms of physical recovery. I don’t think so! Just like the break between New Zealand and San Francisco, I’ve come up quite sore after the first day. I am expecting to be sore for the next several days, until my muscles and tendons get used to running 50 km per day again.

After a late start, I began the day at the precise location I stopped last week, and have now made it to a town just before the border of Wyoming and Nebraska. Tomorrow I’ll run into Nebraska. I should be there for about a week, as I make my way up to South Dakota.

I am very much in prairie country now, having left the Rockies behind. Lots of farming land to keep me company for a while.

PS The Garmin site was undergoing maintenance when I downloaded today, which appears to have corrupted my daily file again. I’ve sent it to Jimbo the Genius. I hope to have the repaired link inserted into the blog when that’s done.