May 15, 2023

Last Friday it was a 1500 metre time trial I ran, this time in 5:54. The last time I ran 1500m, it was a 6:12 on December 2 last year, so at least there’s progress afoot. I’m pretty confident I can now knock over a 3K in under 13 mins, so I might give that a try this coming Friday.

While I haven’t included 800 metres and 1500 metres in the group of distances I’m comparing with existing world records (with the aim of keeping myself below double these world records for as long as possible), I did have a look at where my all-time 800m PB sits, for interest’s sake. For 400m my best is 19.0% slower than the current world record, and for 1000m it’s 20.5% slower. And for 800m it’s 19.6% slower, so all quite consistent around those distances. For 1500m, it’s 23.2% slower, reaching 27.8% at 3000m.

Basically, the longer the distance, the worse I compare with the world record. Well, …until we get to the ‘around the Earth’ world record, which I actually held for nearly two years.