May 16, 2019

Despite a heavy week of running – one that has entailed 75 km in the first three days, including a my fastest lap in early a year of Centennial Park on Monday – I managed a kilometre in 3:40 today. I normally only run such a fast effort when I’m more rested, but I gave it a go anyway. Very pleasing.

Seven years ago today I ran between the small Nebraskan towns of Kimball and Scottsbluff, having crossed into Nebraska the day before. It was an eventful day. Not only was it Libby’s birthday (see photo), but it was also the day I nearly trod on a rattlesnake, as you will see from the accompanying video. Unfortunately, there was a strong wind blowing at the time, which has made the audio difficult to hear – apologies for that. It was a dramatic event, coming within a couple of metres of a large rattlesnake which had reared up and was ready to strike.