May 2, 2012

Distance today = 48.04 km; Total distance = 5913.11 km; Location = Loveland – 40 24.478′ N, 105 03.123′ W; Start time = 0913, Finish time = 1619


All downhill today, through an amazing gorge – the Big Thompson Canyon. It runs from Estes Park, down through the Rocky Mountain National Park, to Loveland. The scenery is spectacular, and I saw some of the cutest little camping spots imaginable. The canyon does have a dark side, though. In 1976 a flash flood killed 140 people. No sign of rain today, however.

The morning started with local journalist, Lisa, coming out to do an interview, along with photographer, Walt. Local runner, Terry, joined us too, and after the interview we all headed off down the road to begin my day of running. It was great to have some company on the road – I haven’t had much of late. They departed after about 5 km. I am now looking forward to hearing how Lisa does in the New York Marathon later this year. I think she’ll be setting a stunning new personal best.

When I reached Loveland (a place I’m sure was named after Brian Love), I was met by another local journalist, Jessica, who took various photos and videos, and then conducted a short interview.

So, it’s been a full day, especially on the press level. I also passed the milestone of 4,000 km in the US today. Another couple of days and I’ll be past the 6,000 km in total mark.