May 20, 2015

I had intended to run a 5 km time trial this morning, but when there was still some soreness in my back when I awoke I thought it might be more sensible to reduce it to just a one mile time trial. To be honest, since it was only 48 hours since Monday’s speed work session it was always going to be more like another speed session feeling fatigued, rather than a time trial feeling fresh.

I hit the road thinking I’d do just a fast mile, but I wasn’t feeling very fast in the warmup and running a mile means a faster pace than 5 km does. So I changed my mind and ended up doing a 5 km interval (I’ll call it that, as a time trial implies some level of freshness, like the way one approaches a race). I didn’t expect to run very fast – a long interval was a more appropriate way of looking at it.

Last year I ran two 5 km time trials. The first was on May 29 in 18:55. The second was on June 19 in 18:46. On both occasions I was fresher beforehand than I was today. I would have been more than pleased with a similar time today. I started conservatively, maintaining a feeling of relative comfort until the last kilometre, but even then I didn’t push too hard to the finish. The result – 18:16 (3:40, 3:42; 3:40, 3:41; 3:33; average 3:39 per km). I was obviously very happy with this. The final 3 km was run in 10:54. I didn’t do a individual 3 km that fast last year until July 1. I reckon I’m at least on track for a good City to Surf in August.

Today’s world run photo was taken on Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. I had just reached LA, running from Malibu that day. From here I proceeded to Venice Beach and then up to our hotel in Hollywood. Yes, this was one of the more iconic days of the world run.




On This Day


May 20, 2012

Distance today = 51.61 km; Total distance = 6508.89 km; Location = Chadron, Nebraska (16 km north of) – 42 56.102′ N, 103 04.742′ W; Start time = 0845, Finish time = 1647



Nebraska – cold and windy one day, beautiful the next! Yep, today was a perfect day for running – no wind, sunny skies, and moderate temperatures.

I began with 21 km before stopping at the Chadron State Park, where the girls had set up a small picnic by a pond. That was a very nice interlude in a beautiful setting.

I then ran into the town of Chadron, where I had a quick lunch at our motel. However, I forgot that when my watch comes into close proximity with my computer, it automatically and wirelessly downloads the data. That’s why I have two Garmin links today – one for pre-lunch, and one for post-lunch.

The afternoon saw me cover another 16 km, which leaves me only about 10 km from the South Dakota state border. I’ll cross the state line tomorrow morning.

I’d like to thank the Economy 9 Motel in Chadron for providing a discount and an extra room for last night and tonight. The Nebraska generosity appears to be boundless. Hopefully South Dakota will be the same.