May 22, 2023

As promised, I ran a 3K time trial on Friday, stopping the clock at 12:53 on this occasion. It was only 10 secs faster than my previous 3K effort, but I was pretty happy with it seeing as I was at the back end of a 120 km week and my legs were feeling very heavy. However, I won’t post a new graph of my comparison with the existing world records every time I set a new over 62 PB – I’ll do that every month or so instead.

Today I did a session of 10 x 50 metre sprints. As for a time trial, I’m not sure what I’ll attempt this coming Friday. Maybe another 1500 metres, but it will depend on how I’m feeling.

On a different and sadder note, Tim Franklin has had to put his world run on hold for a period, having had to return home to Brisbane due to his father being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’m sure we all wish Tim and his family the best in this obviously difficult and emotionally tough time.