May 25, 2017

I forgot to mention in my last post that I ran a total of 145 km last week – my biggest week since August last year. However, given the intensity of the weekend’s running and cycling, I still don’t feel like I’ve recovered fully.

That has been exacerbated by having done a Pilates session on Monday. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like Pilates. I decided I needed to attain a better muscle balance, as I’ve been having some problems with my core strength. Hopefully it will help. Some parts of the Pilates was very easy, but other parts – where I using muscles I don’t use for running – were quite tough.

Another photo from the Rockies during my world run. Carmel loved taking photos of the snow capped mountains in the background, with me as a speck on the road. It helps to illustrate the scale of these mountains.



On This Day


May 25, 2012

Distance today = 52.79 km; Total distance = 6751.28 km; Location = Wicksville, South Dakota (8km west of) – 44 05.775′ N, 102 41.320′ W; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1654



The third day of rain in a row. That’s more than I’ve experienced in the past four and a half months. But it wasn’t heavy, and proved quite comfortable to run through. It was also the coldest day for quite a while, but I was suitably rugged up.

Not much to report, except that I passed 3,000 miles in the US. The tracker is showing me in the town of Wall, although my run position is some 42 km the west. I’m based in Wall for two nights, so there’ll be no tracker update tomorrow. There are also two Garmin links today, as the cold weather caused the watch battery to die earlier than normal.

I’d like to finish with a big thank you to Jay and Alicia at the Big Sky Lodge in Rapid City. Besides being very nice people and running a top-notch motel, they also provided the room free of charge. Thanks guys – another example of fantastic generosity.


May 25, 2013

Distance today = 37.65 km; Total distance = 21,094.84 km; Location = Melaka, Malaysia – 02 12.044′ N, 102 15.145′ E; Start time = 0946, Finish time = 1630


Another very difficult day in the humidity, although I fared better than yesterday – maybe I’m acclimatizing.

We awoke to a torrential equatorial thunderstorm, which caused a late start to the run. I’d then gone 6 km when I struck a boom gate. Although the map indicated a highway (which there was), it went through an army barracks, and I was turned back by two armed guards. I was pleased I’d only run 520 metres from the branch point I had to go back to (I’ve deducted the 1.04 km from the Garmin total), but the worst thing was I had to go the long way around. For a variety of reasons, this meant I only made it to the city of Melaka (historically spelt Malacca), a famous colonial trading post in centuries past.

Half way through the day, R0ger and Christine Sharp joined me on the road. They’d driven down from KL. Roger ran 7.5 km with me, then Chris took over and ran the remaining 6 km to the hotel. Somehow, courtesy of Roger and Christine, we have found ourselves in the Presidential Suite. Many thanks guys, but you haven’t heard the last of it yet. BTW, for those who don’t know, Roger runs Asia Pacific Digital, the parent company of my generous sponsor, Next Digital.

Both Carmel and I had interesting experiences on the road today. Earlier, I had come across a bunch of monkeys playing on the side of the road. They scattered when they saw me. I then almost stumbled into a monitor lizard. It was more than two metres long, looked just like a huge goanna, and had an animal in its mouth. It scurried down into a large culvert under the road. A little later, Carmel went into what she thought was a market. It turned out to be a Malaysian wedding reception under a marquis. She was immediately taken to meet the bride and groom and had her photo taken with them, then taken to meet other guests, was asked to sit down and have the wedding meal with them, and finally left with a gift that the official guests received. What an amazing experience – beats running into monkeys and giant lizards.

I am resigned to each day in Malaysia being very tough for running, but I’ll get through it. Hopefully I’ll acclimatize a bit more. At least the chafing was fine today, as yesterday’s experience appears to have toughened up the skin.