May 26, 2013

Distance today = 42.89 km; Total distance = 21,137.73 km; Location = Muar – 02 02.966′ N, 102 34.196′ E; Start time = 0952, Finish time = 1655


I must be acclimatizing somewhat, as today was certainly better than the previous couple. It was still incredibly humid, but I seemed to cope better today.

I am also doing the little things better, like buying drinks from roadside vendors, which come with ice, and putting the ice under my cap when I’ve finished the drink. I have also run in longer shorts (actually board shorts) the past two days, as they help with the chafing.

It was also a day in which I passed the 500 marathon mark of the world run. That’s a big milestone in itself.

The run itself was quite flat, and close to the coast. The body of water is known as the Straits of Malacca, once a feared pirate region. Tonight we’re in Muar, another old sea trading post from the colonial era.

Once again, I’d like to thank Roger and Christine for running with me yesterday, and for their generosity during the evening. By the way, Chris is now the first woman to have run with me on two separate occasions – the first being Day 6, on January 5 last year.

Carmel is having a lot of trouble with Picasa, and it looks like there’ll be no photos again tonight. She is very frustrated.

PS Somehow, the GPS in my Garmin was switched off at the start today, so the first 1.4 km has been added in manually.