May 29, 2013

Distance today = 33.04 km; Total distance = 21,263.19 km; Location = Pontian – 01 28.672′ N, 103 23.240′ E; Start time = 0948, Finish time = 1508


It was a great day to finish running in Malaysia. Overcast skies and a gentle breeze made me wonder what I’d been complaining about. It was so much easier.

I only had to traverse a relatively short distance to Pontian, much of it through palm plantations. Once again, there were plenty of road side vendors selling drinks and food, always keen to find out what I am doing. Carmel particularly enjoyed a little fishing village we passed through, with colourful fishing boats and lovely people and their fun-loving kids.

I would have to say that running through Malaysia is perfect in almost every way ……. except for the weather. Unfortunately, the weather is never going to be anywhere near ideal here (today was perhaps as good as it gets), so it’s hard to recommend it to other runners. However, if you can handle extreme heat and humidity, then Malaysia is the place to run.

Some people have asked why I have run in Asia at all, and others have asked why I am not running all the way across the continent. Remember, I need to run completely across four continents, from “ocean to ocean”. These will be North America, South America, Europe (all completed now), and Australia (the last leg). Anything else is optional. I included a stint in Asia (as well as New Zealand) because I wanted to do at least some running on the continent, and I also wanted to run near the equator. This came at the cost of the extremely uncomfortable humidity, but it was worth it.

We will now be heading to Australia for the fourth and final continent. I will be starting in Perth on June 10, and expect to finish in Sydney around the middle of September. By the way, if anyone out there knows of a car that is free to be used from Perth for about a month, please let us know. We would need it from June 10, and it would be returned to Perth by July 5, as we will be transported by a different means after that.

I will include some intermediate updates before I begin in Perth, so stay tuned to this space.