May 30, 2019

Just back from a couple of nights in Melbourne. Normally I’d do reasonable length runs down there, but I kept it short this time because I’m going to do a 50 km run on Saturday. This is to test myself ahead of the Royal Double Ultra in four weeks. I mentioned this run earlier. If I come through the 50 km OK, I’ll do the race (2 x 50 km over two days). However, I haven’t run more than 30 km in one go for two years now, so it’s not a fait accompli that I’ll feel adequate enough to do the race. We shall see.

Today’s images are from this day in 2012. This video is from when I crossed the Missouri River into, Pierre, the state capital of South Dakota. The fourth photo was also taken in Pierre itself, the home of Lynell Asher. Lynell saw me running in Pierre, but didn’t realise what I was doing until she saw a newspaper article later that day.