May 4, 2013

Distance today = 50.18 km; Total distance = 20,423.50 km; Location = Dragoman – 42 54.718′ N, 22 56.563′ E; Start time = 0819, Finish time = 1718


Reached my 16th country today – Bulgaria. I had a pretty good time on the road, through great countryside, and even managed about 10 km on a freeway that is under construction – no cars.

It was a day of total uphill, the first time I’ve had that since the Andes, though obviously not to the same degree. I thought the high point would be at the border, but it just kept going up.

I finished in the town of Dragoman, a nickname for Drago Radovanovic, known in English as Charlie Cugaly.

From there, we commuted to Sofia, where we met up with friends, Barry and Debbie. They will be travelling with us till the end of the European leg, in Istanbul. Must go now, as we’re heading off to dinner.

Tomorrow I’ll head back to Dragoman to run into Sofia.

PS The tracker will be behind the times until we get new Bulgarian SIM cards. Until then, I’ll only be able to update my position via wireless at night. My current position, as stated above, is in Dragoman, further to the east than what the tracker is showing.