May 5, 2012

Distance today = 44.15 km; Total distance = 6050.89 km; Location = Norfolk (7 km south of) – 40 50.487′ N, 104 58.038′ W; Start time = 1019, Finish time = 1644


I was going to run a bit further today, but the girls called during the afternoon to say that the TV and radio channels were being interrupted by announcements of a severe weather warning. There were thunderstorms in the area and the prediction was for large hailstones and lightning. They were rightfully concerned for me being out on the road, so we agreed they’d come and pick me up early.

At least I still got a decent day of running in, and am now located just south of the Colorado/Wyoming border. I again got to run through nice farming country, with lots of cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs to be seen along the way.

It was hot again, with temps around 30C. Yesterday was 31C.  These are far above average for this time of year. In fact, yesterday’s 31 was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver for early May. However, I haven’t been uncomfortable at all. The humidity is very low, thankfully.

Last night we went for dinner in Fort Collins, on a very balmy Friday evening. We found a very “buzzy” little bar that had 100 beers on tap, and a predominantly university crowd. As we sat there outside, facing the street, we witnessed an amazing scene. A freight train, about a mile long and carrying molten sulphur, came up the middle of the leafy suburban street. I had thought the tracks were for a tram, but it was a full-blown train, not five metres from us. I’m not talking about train tracks crossing the road – these tracks were right up the middle of one of the main streets of this large town. The train had to blow its horn incessantly each time it passed a cross street, which was every hundred metres or so. Quite a sight – and sound!