May 6, 2013

Distance today = 50.54 km; Total distance = 20,516.17 km; Location = Ihtiman – 42 28.365′ N, 23 47.537′ E; Start time = 0835, Finish time = 1722


The temperature only reached 27C today, which made the running much easier. A cooling breeze helped even more.

The run out of Sofia, like any big city, was less than inspiring, but it didn’t take too long. Although I am probably not technically allowed, I ran for about 10 km on the freeway, as it provided me quite a sizeable short-cut. No-one stopped me or gave any impression I was doing anything wrong, so maybe it is allowed.

Later I was running on a road alongside the freeway. Hardly anyone uses it now, and the vegetation was beginning to reclaim the road – sometimes the road was only about half its original width.

Barry ran the last 6 km with me, which helped pass the time. The last few kilometres are always the hardest, so it’s great to have them pass quickly.

Happy 25th birthday to Hannah for tomorrow – have a great day.

PS I probably won’t get a Bulgarian SIM card, so I will just be updating the tracker via Wi-Fi at the end of each day while in Bulgaria. It will only be until the weekend.