May 8, 2017

I’ve kicked this week off with a solid 37 km this morning. I only have six weeks of training before the Big Red Run, so I really have to get serious. At the end of next week I’ll be doing a 50+ km run and upping it after that. Just to remind readers, the event is a 250 km race over six days, starting and finishing at the town of Birdsville, and running through the Simpson Desert.

Last week I totalled 110 km, which wasn’t too bad given it did not entail a long run. I would have done one on Monday, but I didn’t have time because of my ABC TV interview that day.

Speaking of running in deserts, this photo was taken in the southern Californian desert as I ran past the Salton Sea during my world run. You can see the sea (in reality, a big lake) in the background. It’s the second lowest point in North America, only a few tens of metres higher than Death Valley, and well below sea level.



On This Day


May 8, 2013

Distance today = 48.41 km; Total distance = 20,617.02 km; Location = Plovdiv, Bulgaria (8 km east of) – 42 08.798′ N, 24 51.555′ E; Start time = 0835, Finish time = 1710


I knew I was below par before I started today, and it proved to be a bit of a struggle. I’m not sure why, but I awoke feeling tired and knowing it would be a tough one. The roads were very busy too, which made it even less enjoyable.

I was the Pied Piper of dogs again today, with a female King Charles Spaniel following me for about 15 km. She was clearly a stray, which is strange for a KCS, and she only had a basic road sense. I was constantly yelling at her to get off the road, as she would often start to cross in front of oncoming traffic. After not letting me out of her sight for so long, I eventually went into a petrol station to get a drink, and she wasn’t there when I came out. I was glad, as I was a nervous wreck by that time.

I could then relax a bit, which wasn’t easy with the amount of traffic. After lunch with the “support crew”, I ran into the large city of Plovdiv. I recall Plovdiv hosting the World Junior Athletics Championships a couple of decades ago. It’s a reasonably interesting place. I believe it has some connection with Phillip, the father of Alexander the Great.

I met Barry in the city, and he ran the last 9 km with me. The girls then came out and picked us up to commute back to the city for the night. The tracker shows me in Plovdiv, but my real position is about 8 km further east.