May 9, 2019

I’d like to draw to the attention of all runners, or at least those who live in or near Sydney, the Royal Double Ultramarathon. It’s organised by Matt North, who ran with me for a day during the latter part of my run around the world, and also conducted an interview with me recently for his Running Matters podcast. You can find out more about the ultra – a two day, 100 km (50 km each day) race in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney – from the following link.


On other matters, you may recall a post from a few months ago about how our daughter Grace had a baby boy. Well, a few days ago, our other daughter, Hannah, gave birth to a baby girl. All are doing well. Obviously we’re delighted, and I’m sure the cousins will get on well when they meet.

This time seven years ago I was actually on a short break from running, when we headed back to Australia for three days to renew our visa waiver requirements for the US. However, here are a few photos from around that time. You can see that the terrain is now prairie-like. Gone are the Rockies.