Nov 15, 2020

A quick update on my running – I’m still taking it easy, trying to get a bit of zip back into my legs. I might keep doing so until the end of the year. I’m still on track to run 6,000 km this year, which would make it my biggest year outside of the two years of the world run and the year of training before I started. However, the rest of this year will be low intensity running.

Something that might be of interest to runners – there’s a new app that allows you to do a virtual journey run, and I believe there are several courses; for example, Split to Dubrovnik along the Dalmatian coast. You do your usual run around your suburb, and when you input the distance into the app, it plots where you’d virtually be on your journey run, along with other interesting information about the adventure. I haven’t tried it out myself, but there are good reviews and it sounds like a great idea to me. You can learn more here – https://myleschallenges.com/press-kit/ .

Today’s video is a bit of a recap of the Andes that Carmel put together to celebrate me reaching the second half of my world run. The photos are from the same region near Mendoza. These include a dust storm I found myself having to contend with, as well as a one-legged cyclist with a home-made hand-held contraption he used to power the other pedal – ingenious.