Nov 16, 2017

I made another major incremental step today, running 10 km with less pain (by far) than any of the previous runs I’ve done since tearing my hamstring. I’m quietly confident that, within another week or two, I’ll be back to normal.

I’m off to Melbourne later today for work, which means I’ll get to do a couple of runs in a different environment (not that I haven’t run in Melbourne on countless occasions). However, those runs will be short as I have very little free time.

I won’t even have time to catch up with some of my very good friends in the city. Annie, Michael, Guenolee, Jeff, and Bill are all Melbourne residents who met me on the Nullarbor (or close to it) during my world run, helping out in various ways. In fact, Jeff and Michael (aka Ironbark) travelled with us all the way across the Nullarbor in Jeff’s caravan. Anyhow I’ll be catching up with them all soon enough.

Here’s a photo from my first day of the North American leg, and very early in the overall world run. As you can see, I’m looking back toward the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I still had over 12,000 km to go before I’d finally make it to Manchester-by-the-Sea, north of Boston, more than eight months later.