Nov 17, 2012

Distance today = 50.07 km; Total distance = 14,524.30 km; Location = La Paz (26 km east of) ā€“ 33 24.305′ S, 67 17.009′ W; Start time = 0919, Finish time = 1714


This morning I passed the 9,000 mile mark. Iā€™m now well and truly more than halfway around the world.

And, despite their height, I am now out of sight of the Andes. I’m in a very flat part of Argentina. There is not much changing on the horizon in these parts. This fact, coupled with the hot afternoon, were perhaps the reasons I struggled a bit after lunch. Or perhaps it was a little too much red wine last night?

Just a short comment on road kill ā€“ I have virtually seen none whatsoever in Argentina. The only wildlife appears to be jackrabbits and tiny guinea pig-like creatures. They all seem to avoid the cars, even though I regularly see them on the road.