Nov 17, 2015

I’m now here at the Icarus UltraFest in Florida. It’s a great new experience watching these six days runners go round the track, observing their styles and tactics. Resting and sleep is one of the things they need to consider, as is eating. Jesper has had to pull out with a knee injury, but Kevin is in fourth place.

You can see the real time positions of the competitors by visiting mcmtiming.com and clicking on the links under the Icarus heading. And my race will appear on the same site as of 7 am Saturday morning (US east coast time), which is 11 pm Saturday night Sydney time. It will finish at 11 am Sunday morning Sydney time, so those in Australia will be able to follow the latter stages of my race on Sunday morning.

I ran 35 km today, familiarising myself with the track. It’s very hot and humid, but the track has a lot of shade, and runners can get a drink every kilometre. I’ll now only be doing short runs between tomorrow and Saturday.

Below is a photo of Jesper Olsen (left) and Tony Mangan taken this afternoon at the race. Tony is not running, but is doing an admirable job of the support duties for Kevin and others.


2015-11-17 12.37.29


On This Day


Nov 17, 2012

Distance today = 50.07 km; Total distance = 14,524.30 km; Location = La Paz, Argentina (26 km east of) – 33 24.305′ S, 67 17.009′ W; Start time = 0919, Finish time = 1714


This morning I passed the 9,000 mile mark. I’m now well and truly more than halfway around the world.

And, despite their height, I am now out of sight of the Andes. I’m in a very flat part of Argentina. There is not much changing on the horizon in these parts. This fact, coupled with the hot afternoon, were perhaps the reasons I struggled a bit after lunch. Or perhaps it was a little too much red wine last night?

Just a short comment on road kill – I have virtually seen none whatsoever in Argentina. The only wildlife appears to be jackrabbits and tiny guinea pig-like creatures. They all seem to avoid the cars, even though I regularly see them on the road.