Nov 19, 2012

Distance today = 46.01 km; Total distance = 14,621.16 km; Location = San Luis – 33 17.783′ S, 66 17.550′ W; Start time = 0928, Finish time = 1658


It was another tough day, mainly due to the heat. I was basically on one long straight road all day, with temperatures in the mid 30s. And most of the day was uphill, albeit a gentle slope.

There was little to look at, until I approached the city of San Luis. At least the scenery varied a bit in town. I was offered water by some picnickers on the straight road. They must have thought I was out there on that long 55 km stretch without any support.

When I reached San Luis, I turned and looked back. Honestly, you could see all the way back to the previous hill, now more than 60 km in the distance, with the road running like a ribbon all the way to the horizon.

Tomorrow I head toward Villa Mercedes, which will take me two days to reach.