Nov 19, 2015

Kevin Carr has established a comfortable gap on third place in the six day race. He is still a long way behind the leader, Ed Ettinghausen, but there’s still more than two and a half days to go yet, so anything can happen. The race continues to be intriguing.

Myself, I’m feeling a bit of residual fatigue from my 50 hour flight. It’s not easy making up the sleep deficit in the Florida heat and humidity. It was very hot last night in the tent. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling fine by Saturday morning.

The race is extremely well organised and a pleasure to be a part of, even as a helper – as I am at the moment. A world class field and a world class event.

Here’s the first and only (so far) photo of the four people who have run around the world. From left (Kevin Carr, Tony Mangan, myself, Jesper Oslen).


Four World Runners


On This Day


Nov 19, 2012

Distance today = 46.01 km; Total distance = 14,621.16 km; Location = San Luis, Argentina – 33 17.783′ S, 66 17.550′ W; Start time = 0928, Finish time = 1658


It was another tough day, mainly due to the heat. I was basically on one long straight road all day, with temperatures in the mid 30s. And most of the day was uphill, albeit a gentle slope.

There was little to look at, until I approached the city of San Luis. At least the scenery varied a bit in town. I was offered water by some picnickers on the straight road. They must have thought I was out there on that long 55 km stretch without any support.

When I reached San Luis, I turned and looked back. Honestly, you could see all the way back to the previous hill, now more than 60 km in the distance, with the road running like a ribbon all the way to the horizon.

Tomorrow I head toward Villa Mercedes, which will take me two days to reach.


Nov 19, 2013

I attended the NSW Australian of the Year Awards last night, along with Carmel and Hannah. It was a great experience, with many inspirational people there. As readers may remember, I predicted some time ago that Adam Goodes would receive the main award, and I’m pleased to say I was correct. I also picked the winners in the other three categories too – Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, and Local Hero. I was just very happy to be a finalist and it was humbling to take my place among the other finalists.

Yesterday was eventful on another front too. I was working in the backyard during the day with old friend, Peter, and badly strained a muscle in my back. It’s still very painful. Even though it hurts to run, it isn’t bad enough to stop me, and I managed a solid 7 km this morning. I hope it mends soon, as painful running in not enjoyable.