Nov 19, 2020

For those dedicated runners out there, the following is a link to some interesting research done by Jovana Subic, Head of Running Research at Run Repeat. It quantifies what many may have suspected – that women are better at pacing themselves in running races. My view is that men overrate their abilities and go too hard early in races, ultimately paying the price later on – https://runrepeat.com/women-are-better-runners-than-men-2020

Today’s video is dedicated to the fact that I was now (at this time in 2012) into the second half of my world run. Have a look. The photos are from my approach to the Argentinian city of San Luis. The shot with the whitish looking town in the background is actually San Luis, nearly 50 km away. The fact the road dipped and then rose again means you can see it all that distance away. The other long shot is looking back the other way. Carmel took it from on top of an overhead bridge. Finally, there’s a photo of Forrest Gump telling me I look tired (in subtitles). I’ll let you ponder how this occurred.