Nov 28, 2012

Distance today = 50.36 km; Total distance = 15,069.39 km; Location = Alberdi – 34 27.373′ S, 61 49.499′ W; Start time = 0922, Finish time = 1711


Yet another day of completely flat terrain, along a mainly straight road rimmed with fields of soy beans, wheat, and canola. Carmel is getting frustrated, as there is nothing new to take photographs of. She is having a creative crisis.

The first 11 km of the day was along, what is best described as, a causeway running through a shallow lake. Although we’re very much inland, the smell of the lake was remarkably similar to the smell of the ocean.

After that, the day was a bit of a blur, as there is little to distinguish one mile from the next. There were plenty of squashed frogs on the side of the road, and quite a few snakes too, though I saw no live ones today. I did see the remains of an armadillo too.

We got lucky with the accommodation today. Although there was nothing showing on Google Maps, there ended up being a motel within a hundred metres of where I’d planned to stop for the day. How good is that? And just about everywhere in Argentina has Wi-Fi too.

PS I was a little wrong recently when I described Australia and Argentina as the 5th and 7th largest countries by area. Here is the correct Top 10, in order.

1. Russia 2. Canada 3. China 4. USA 5. Brazil 6. Australia 7. India 8. Argentina 9. Kazakhstan 10. Algeria

The countries ranked 2nd to 6th are all relatively similar in size. And, if Antartica was a country, it would take 2nd place.