Nov 29, 2015

I’ve been really happy with how I’ve slotted back into the local time zone. Right from the very first night since returning from the US, I have slept for around eight hours between about 10 pm and 7 am, with roughly a total of an hour awake during that period. But that’s normal for me anyway. I’ve had no jet lag at all and have taken no sleeping tablets. It’s the best I’ve ever recovered from a long haul flight.

One final revisit of the race from last week (by the way, I’m writing this precisely one week to the minute from when I finished the race). My troubles at the end were totally related to a lack of eating during the race. I was so concerned about dehydration from the heat and humidity, I made sure I drank heaps. Pretty much a half a cup of fluids every lap. That means about 50 full cups, which would have been about 15 litres during the race. I definitely wasn’t dehydrated.

And I suffered no cramps or muscle fatigue at all, so there was no issues with electrolytes – my two litres of milk in the 12 hours prior to the race saw to that. However, all I ate during the whole race was a small breakfast burrito that was on offer – probably less than 100 grams in total. I ate that at about the nine hour mark. I just didn’t have an appetite, largely due to the heat. It was a lesson learned the hard way. If I’d fuelled myself properly, I’m sure I could have added another five or ten kilometres to my distance.

The photo below is of me crossing the finish line of the race. You can see how wet I am – a huge thunderstorm had hit not long before. You can also see how full my stomach is with fluid from those 15 litres I’d drunk. My eyes are closed, not so much with joy, as with exhaustion.


Crossing Icarus Finish Line


On This Day


Nov 29, 2012

Distance today = 49.67 km; Total distance = 15,119.06 km; Location = Vedia, Argentina (21 km east of) – 34 33.262′ S, 61 18.484′ W; Start time = 0832, Finish time = 1614


I was greeted by a ferocious headwind this morning, and it didn’t let up all day.

But that wasn’t the hardest part of the day. Worse was the shoulder. It consisted of long grass, so every time a car or truck came along, I had to jump off into the green stuff. It takes much more energy running through long grass, as you either need to lift your knees very high, or incur the “drag” as you pull your feet through the grass. In summary, I expended a lot more energy today than if I’d been on the road all day. And that doesn’t even count the nervous energy from running in amongst the snakes.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m now in my fifth Argentinean state. After briefly running through the state of Sante Fe, I am now in the state of Buenos Aires, although still hundreds of kilometres from the city itself.

PS No mention of world running would be complete without acknowledging Tony Mangan. Tony is currently in Argentina (like me) as part his world run. However, he is way down south, in Patagonia. Tony has embarked on running, not just around the world, but up and down it as well. For example, he ran across North America, then down through Central America, and is nearing the end of running the length of South America. Tony is taking roughly four years to cover nearly 50,000 km – a run which will surely be considered the most comprehensive and complete world run ever.