Oct 11, 2018

Six years ago today I crossed back from New York State into Pennsylvania during my run around the world. Just across the state line, south of the large town of Binghamton, Carmel stopped the car to take some photos and do some work on her computer. She plugged the computer into the car’s power source, not thinking about the battery.

Sure enough, she called me about an hour later, when I was well down the road, to tell me the car wouldn’t start. Luckily, I was right outside a garage. I went in and explained the situation and the proprietor kindly offered to drive me back to Carmel with jumper leads. We got the car started, drove back to the garage and I restarted my run while the car got a new battery. It could have been much worse. Below are some photos from the day, including one of the guy from the garage working on the car.

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