Oct 13, 2012

Distance today = 50.72 km; Total distance = 13,103.48 km; Location = Mt Pocono – 41 07.757′ N, 75 21.730′ W; Start time = 0801, Finish time = 1551


Today’s distance was exactly the same as yesterday’s. While this was a fluke, you have probably noticed how my daily distance is usually a little over 50 km. I have found that this distance is fairly comfortable for me, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, each day now I try to plan for a distance of about 50 km. Google Maps comes in very handy for this task. While it does occasionally lead me down a wrong path, in the main I find Google Maps invaluable. It ensures I take a lot more correct turns than wrong ones.

The day was again very hilly, with much of it on a highway that had pretty severe cambers. All the same, I had a good day. I’m sure a lot of this had to do with the great dinner Carmel made last night – eye fillet, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and fresh asparagus.

This region, in the northern Appalachians, reminds me a lot of the NSW Southern Highlands, complete with the log fire aroma one smells at the Surveyor General Hotel in Berrima. Perfect geography and weather to run in.