Oct 13, 2015

Other than a bit of tightness in my left calf, I’ve pulled up well after yesterday’s training jaunt – effectively a 3:41 marathon. There’s nothing special about that time, but it was just a comfortable training run. That’s what makes it so pleasing.

It’s the fastest I’ve run over that distance for some years. In 2008 I did go through the marathon distance in 3:23 on my way to an 8:45 for 100 km (9:26 after adding in a 40 minute lunch break). But that was a proper event, and I paid for the pace later when I slowed and suffered with severe quad soreness. Then again, I was a heel striker then, which always resulted in more soreness after long runs.

Yesterday was far from my best over that sort of distance. But my marathon PB of 2:49 was run by a 26 year old going as fast as he could and hardly able to walk the next day. Yesterday was run by a 54 year feeling very comfortable and relaxed, with no notable soreness resulting. I’ve gotta be happy with that.

The photo for today was taken in Arizona the day after that of yesterday’s selfie in the snow. I’ve previously posted a similar photo with the support vehicle in the background. On a long straight road with everything around covered in snow, it all kinda looks the same.




On This Day


Oct 13, 2012 

Distance today = 50.72 km; Total distance = 13,103.48 km; Location = Mt Pocono, Pennsylvania – 41 07.757′ N, 75 21.730′ W; Start time = 0801, Finish time = 1551


Today’s distance was exactly the same as yesterday’s. While this was a fluke, you have probably noticed how my daily distance is usually a little over 50 km. I have found that this distance is fairly comfortable for me, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, each day now I try to plan for a distance of about 50 km. Google Maps comes in very handy for this task. While it does occasionally lead me down a wrong path, in the main I find Google Maps invaluable. It ensures I take a lot more correct turns than wrong ones.

The day was again very hilly, with much of it on a highway that had pretty severe cambers. All the same, I had a good day. I’m sure a lot of this had to do with the great dinner Carmel made last night – eye fillet, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and fresh asparagus.

This region, in the northern Appalachians, reminds me a lot of the NSW Southern Highlands, complete with the log fire aroma one smells at the Surveyor General Hotel in Berrima. Perfect geography and weather to run in.