Oct 17, 2012

Distance today = 53.93 km; Total distance = 13,304.58 km; Location = Westfield – 40 38.998′ N, 74 20.948′ W; Start time = 0824, Finish time = 1643


I started the run this morning with a visit to the home of Albert Einstein – the house he lived in from 1936 till his death in 1955. It is still in good shape, and continues to be used as a residence. In fact, it’s the only house in the world to have been the home of three different Nobel Prize winners. It felt quite awe-inspiring to stand in the gateway, knowing Einstein stood in that exact spot on so many occasions.

The town of Princeton is very impressive. I can see why Einstein was so happy to live there. It is very much like a European or British university town, with the town built into the university. I saw hundreds of people going about the place, with many runners and not a single smoker.

I finished the day within striking distance of New York City. It would only be a half day run, except there is no pedestrian accessibility before the George Washington Bridge toward the north end of Manhattan. So I’ll have to enter the city from the top end.

PS We had a very enjoyable evening last night with Craig, Julie, and Zoe (and the dogs), and greatly appreciate their hospitality.