Oct 2, 2019

I did a 3 km time trial on Monday, on a street course I’ve run many times in the past. I managed to stop the clock in 11:59 (4:05, 4:08, 3:46). I was very comfortable through the first two Ks, though the last one taxed me a bit. I was pretty happy overall. I have to admit, it was a long way short of the 10:08 I ran on the same course back in 2015.

Seven years ago today I reached Niagara Falls on my run around the world, having run a short day from Buffalo that morning. As usual, below are some photos from that day and a few priorĀ  to it, including one where you can see Lake Erie in the background and another from when Carmel and I took the Maid of the Mist cruise – you get very wet, hence all the raincoats.